Overload Services, Inc. provides a suite of services that can assist you with IT Enterprise Management and support options today, and as your business continues to grow. We can work with you to move your existing core server infrastructure into the data center and provide turn-key IT support and real time monitoring of the key information assets. The following are summarized considerations that would benefit our customers:

  • System uptime is maximized by 24 x 7 on-site, experienced support personnel to perform maintenance and corrective activities
  • Real time security monitoring and management of the key information assets with rapid response time for resolution of attempted breaches or exploits
  • Perpetual power and commercial grade power protection avoiding system crashes and power surges that could result in downtime and labor costs for system rebuilds
  • Less equipment in the business office for potential disruption of business
  • Ability to brochure CLIENT as “bullet proof” to current and potential CLIENTs.

The Data Center is a TIER IV facility with the highest levels of security, redundancy and reliability supported by our highly skilled on-site technical staff to provide an effective solution for core or redundant applications hosting. Some of the benefits of the Overload Solution include:

  • Military-grade security with 24 x 7 x 365 guards, bio-metrics, and video surveillance
  • Reinforced structure including concrete bollards, steel lined walls, bulletproof glass
  • Fully redundant power including multiple municipal feeds, generators and UPS
  • Redundant switching and router configuration within each component
  • Multiple providers of metropolitan area networks (MANs) and Internet access
  • 100% availability guarantee and bandwidth on demand from 1 Mbps to 1 Gbps
  • Intrusion Detection Systems to detect / prevent unauthorized electronic access
  • Data storage and back-up solutions
  • Trained, certified staff to provide custom applications development, network/desktop support, onsite or remote monitoring and management of critical applications
  • Experienced Professional Services staff to assist with security, business continuity, disaster recovery, regulatory requirements and control objectives.