Overload Services, Inc. has created a standard seed database that includes all of the libraries (Specification, Loop Blocks, and Hookups) and has data populated based on industry standards. The intent of this seed database is to provide companies that are starting fresh with SPI with a database that is somewhat setup and ready for them to start entering data. Without a seed file to start out, the company would have to populate the tables and create default data and templates prior to entering records in the system. The following lists the data that has been created for the standard seed database: Instrument Index supporting tables including Instrument Types with profiles, IO Types, Instrument Statuses, Loop Measured variables, Some Manufacturers and Models; Wiring entities including standard multi-pair cables, junction boxes, marshalling racks, DCS, and PLC cabinets with hardware libraries for Honeywell, Delta V, Foxboro, Allen Bradley, and others.

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